We all need help getting ahead. If you are trying to run an Internet Marketing business or MLM business here are some helpful training tools that can help you speed up the process of becoming profitable.

Start your own business

One of the best ways to get ahead is to start a business but the cost of entry of many businesses are so high that many people just can't get the money to start. One way to get around this is to join a company that already has all the products, marketing tools, support tools, training and reputation. There are a lot of companies out there and many of them are quite good, if you do the work to build your team and sell the products. So what do you need to look for when choosing the right company for you?

1) Does the company have a unique place in the marketplace? There are a lot of products that are easy to replicate and that allows a lot of competition in that space. The more products you need to compete against the better you need to be at getting your piece. Find a company that has a corner on the market.

2) Is there a high barrier to entry for the competition? If your product is hard to reproduce or would take a long time for someone else to duplicate then your product will be the only choice available. Even if someone wanted to compete they would not be able to until they figured out how.

3) Is the product protected from being copied? Do they have actual patents and trademarks to protect the process from being copied? Do they own the exclusive rights to the distribution of the product and the key ingredients used in the product?

4) Does the leadership have a proven track record? Even the best products can fail if the company has poor leadership. You are depending on them to produce and deliver a quality product month after month.

5) Do they provide high quality training, sales, and marketing tools? We all start at different places with different skills. Training should be available in audio, video, written and presentation formats. Websites to do lead capture and then do the marketing should be available. Follow-up and regular contact with leads is critical and an automated system helps ensure this happens.

6) The company has to be run with integrity. We all represent the company we work with but they also represent us. Your reputation is tied to the company reputation so choose them carefully.

7) The compensation plan needs to be easy and fair for the beginners as well as the seasoned leaders. This is a good time to bring up the usual question. Is this a pyramid? This question is very common and of course the answer is NO but people will ask anyway so here is a cute 4 minute cartoon that you may enjoy on the subject to try to explain what a Pyramid is and why MLM is not ever close to one. Sounds Like a Pyramid video.

8) Is the process easy to replicate? You should NOT need a PHD to do the business. The hard stuff should be taken care of for you so you can focus on building the business.

I have of course found a company that I believe meets all of the above items and more that may be a good fit for you. I will send you to the site and you can decide for yourself. I have reviewed their sales tools, people, meetings, marketing tools and leadership and am impressed. The product is in high demand and protected by a very high barrier to entry, exclusive access to ingredients, and patented. Check it out now! Oh and it works as advertised!

Just want to see the product and perhaps try out the product first or not interested in a business then click here to review and/or order.

Build your home business on a budget

"Forget about the expensive pay-per-click ads, postcards, banners, and opportunity leads," says this network marketing millionaire...

"Now you can learn how to generate thousands of leads every month using 5 little-known, under-used online strategies that are easy to follow and simple to learn."

Without Spending A Single Penny.

These tactics are perfect for network marketers on a tight advertising budget.

They are so powerful (and simple) even brand new distributors with no money or special computer skills are using it to generate more leads in a single day (for free) than most veteran network marketers get in a year with paid advertising.

All of these methods are based on three basic "rules" about making money online:

  • There are tens of millions of people around the globe logging onto the Internet, desperately looking for ways to make money.
  • If you simply get in front of this "moving parade" of leads, you can position yourself to sponsor new reps left and right—almost without trying.
  • The best way to get in front of these leads is NOT with Pay-Per-Click ads, search engine tricks, or any kind of paid advertising if you're on a budget. You just have to know...

    Learn to Magnetically attract prospects!

    The "Old School" Prospecting Methods Will Kill
    Your Chances Of Making Any Real Money In MLM.

    In fact, using those "dinosaur" MLM tactics is like trying to fill a leaking bucket.

    Here's why:

    If you follow the old MLM "dogma" of cold-calling prospects, handing out CD's, and spending all your money on "opportunity" leads — you're almost guaranteed to lose most (probably ALL) of your people to competing distributors who can advertise on your front doorstep thanks to Google.

    This means you’ll be forced to recruit every day for the lifespan of your business just to combat the constant attrition that will plague your organization.

    You see, the old ways worked great when people stayed in and purchased products every month for years at a time, allowing you to build a large, profitable organization.

    But in today's crazy online world, the average reps only stick around for 2 or 3 months (if you're lucky) before you even get a chance to recoup your marketing costs.

    That's how radically the industry changed since the Internet.

    So what can you do to make money in MLM today?

    It's actually pretty easy:

    You Simply Do The Exact Opposite
    Of What Other Network Marketers Are Doing!


    Black Belt Recruiting Tactics

    You can learn

    • How six and seven figure network marketers close prospects on the phone without doing any "selling." (In fact, with Mark's methods, the LESS you sell, the MORE people you sponsor!)
    • A sneaky way to get your competition to help you sponsor people into your business... without them even knowing it.
    • How to sponsor people who have already decided NOT to join your business!
    • My "wrong number" secret that lets you sponsor FAR more prospects than you are now... and with a LOT less effort.
    • Four words that will destroy your chances of sponsoring new reps — even the ones who already want to sign up! (When I stopped saying these four words — that 99% of network marketers say during calls — my sponsoring rate shot through the roof.)
    • The secret of getting your prospects so "fired up" about your business you can literally sponsor them without even saying what company you're in or what product you sell! (You may even have people call you a couple days later asking, "Ummm, what am I selling again?")
    • How to instantly "de-fang" loud and obnoxious prospects — and actually have them apologizing and pleading with you to show them the plan. (This secret works even if they were dead set against MLM before!)
    • Startling facts you MUST know about sales people before you talk to them about MLM. (Sales pros can be your best reps — but there's a "trick" to talking to them if you want to sponsor them into your business.)
    • How to "position" yourself as a network marketing expert before you even sponsor your first distributor!
    • A weird (but effective) way to make money when distributors quit your team.
    • Why the best time to talk to a MLM lead is AFTER they've talked to other network marketers! (If you do things "Mark's way", you will never again worry if other network marketers talk to your leads — in fact, you'll actually prefer they do.)
    • A little talked about fear every human being has... and how to use it to sponsor even the most skeptical prospects. (This tactic is often used by car salesmen, jewelers and other people who sell high ticket items. And it works even better for network marketers.)
    • The great "Guru Hoax": Why having your team study and follow MLM "gurus" can destroy your business and income.
    • A brand new breakthrough (recently discovered by social scientists) that makes even total MLM "newbies" irresistibly attractive to almost any prospect. (This incredible little secret is how some new distributors are able to sponsor dozens of people right off the bat. Here's how they do it.)
    • How to get your prospects to ask YOU to make their decision to join your team FOR them. (This advanced recruiting technique makes sponsoring as easy as taking candy from a baby. And you will probably never hear about this anywhere else.)
    • How to get people at parties and other social gatherings to approach you and ask about your business...

    Without You Having To Say A Single Word!


    Get the MLM Trafic Formula

    "Everyone’s Always Wondered How A 20-Something Year Old Kid Went From Waiting Tables, To 7-figures In Less Than 18 Months. Here's How..." Learn the following:

    • How to set up your automated traffic and lead generation “Nerve Center” that spits out red-hot qualified leads for you 24/7
    • The non-geeks guide to getting to the top of the search engines for a steady never-ending flow of traffic you can use to promote any product, service or opportunity
    • How to quickly, easily and in-expensively create short videos and get your message out to thousands, even millions of viewers on some of the most popular video websites.
    • How to leverage Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites (the right way) to reach more of your market and position yourself as an expert.
    • How to hit the ground running with our favorite paid traffic sources and get HUGE dividends for every advertising dollar you invest.
    • How to use “pipeline marketing” to explode your profits and make more money with each visitor to your website(s).
    • And much, much more...


    Learn to Copywrite like a pro